LDH: (Layered Double Hydroxide, also anionic clays or hydrotalcite-like) Name of a big group of layered materials including synthetic compounds and natural minerals

Redox reaction: (reduction-oxidation reaction) A chemical reaction where an exchange of electrons takes place between two reagents: the one that loses electrons is called the “reducing agent” and becomes oxidized (increasing its formal oxidation state) and the one that accepts electrons is called the “oxidizing reagent” and becomes reduced (decreasing its formal oxidation state).

Fe2+ + Zn → Fe + Zn2+

Is a redox reaction, which can be decomposed into:

Oxidation: Zn → Zn2+ + 2 e-              but better written as: Zn2+ + e- → Zn

Reduction: Fe2+ + 2 e- → Fe